Update training 2018 / 1

Photo: Stefan HofmannCommission Internationale de Canyon (CIC) update training 23. und 24. April 2018.

Start of the course

23.. April 2018, 9:00 o'clock


End of the course

24. April 2018, 17:00 o'clock

Meeting point

Allgäu, Germany

Date limit for reservation



Thomas Waibel
Wendy Reusens
Michael Jordan
(depending on number of participants)

Course fee

Module 1+2 canyon guide assistant, Canyonführerassistent90 Euro per paticipant 
Important: Accommodation and food are not included in the course fee! We may have dinner together in the evening.

Necessary equipment

  • Full neoprene suite, 
  • complete canyoning equipment, 
  • cutting device, 
  • throw bag, 
  • 30 meters of rope.

Course topics in theory and practice

  • News in the CIC
  • Accidents
  • Deadly accident in 2017 in Ticino
  • New rope technics, changements in the courses
  • Membership for clubs and organisations

Conclusion of the course

There will be no exam, but of course we ask you for 120 percent engagement. In case of truly poor performance, we may limit your allowance to work in canyons according to our training regulations.



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